Skill Builder: Steve Nash Hesitation Shooting Workout

steve nash-722452-edited.jpgDr. Dish Basketball is pleased to present you another great Skill Builder workout! In this complete workout, we're focusing on Steve Nash, one of the NBA's greatest point guards. Steve Nash wasn't considered your typical elite NBA athlete, but because he understood the game, could shoot the basketball, and mastered several great moves, he was able to have a very successful NBA career including 2 MVPs.

Defenders often tried to crowd Nash when he had the basketball because of his shooting ability. One of the moves he used most to blow past defenders was his simple hesitation-step blow past. This move is great because its quick, simple, and easy to do on the court.  With Skill Builder, we were able to create an entire workout around this specific move and added some other beneficial basketball drills to make this a complete workout. In the video below we will breakdown the move and also go through each drill in this Steve Nash hesitation workout.




In the first drill, the Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine was programmed to make passes to two different locations near the wing areas. Our goal in this drill was to make 30 shots total before moving on to the next drill. The focus was on the Steve Nash Hesitation move into the one dribble shot. This hesitation move is simple but very effective if done correctly. To perform this move, you need to step hard one direction, hesitate, then push off that same foot exploding to the other direction. In the drill we will be alternating using this move and then flaring back into the shot on the opposite wing. This is a great drill to work on footwork and simulate game play.


After making 30 shots in the previous drill, the Dish will automatically transition into a two-ball ball-handling drill. The Dish will let you know how much time you have until the next drill starts so its important to push yourself the entire time. The focus in this drill is keeping one ball stationary while dribbling the other ball around either the left or right leg. Be sure to stay low and keep your eyes up at all times when doing this drill. It's okay if you make mistakes - just keep pushing yourself!


After completing the ball-handling drill, the Dish will once again transition immediately into the next shooting drill. The next shooting drill is the same as the previous one but this time we will add a step-back after the Steve Nash hesitation and then on the flare out we will add a sweep, one dribble pull-up on the opposite side. This will add a little more difficulty to the drill but also help you work on more skill and game scenarios.


Once again, we will make 30 shots total then transition into the next drill which will be two-ball in and out and side to side dribbling. Once again focus on staying low and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. After 45 seconds we will transition into the next shooting drill which will be similar to the previous two as well. In this shooting drill you will follow the same pattern as before but after the Steve Nash hesitation move, you will add in a cross-back into a mid range jumper. It's important to make a change of direction with this to help create the necessary space. After shooting, you will again flare to the opposite side, but this time you will jab baseline and then attack middle for the shot. This is the third and final progression in this shooting workout. 


After making 30 shots total, we finished the workout by making 20 free throws total. It's important to simulate game fatigue when shooting free throws. After making the free throws, the Dish will then stop and then you can save the stats which will be uploaded to the Training Management System!

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