Basketball Drills: Ball-Handling/Wing Scoring Combo with Dr. Dish

by Jefferson Mason, on Dec 28, 2016 2:28:33 PM

jamal crawford.jpgDr. Dish Basketball once again brings you a fresh new drill that players can use to challenge themselves and take their game to the next level!

What makes this basketball drill great is that you can do this individually using the Dr. Dish All-Star or in a group or team setting. That's the power and unique capabilities our shooting machines possess.

In this basketball drill we will challenge you as a player to make shots and stay consistent as you continue to work hard and get more tired as the drill goes on. Being consistent especially at the end of games when you're tired is crucial when it comes to success on the court. When the body gets fatigued, naturally the mechanics and thinking process slows down. Our goal is to continue to try and push players to their limit and back and require them to be on point and efficent with what they are doing.





One thing that makes our Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machines unique is the ability to set the tempo when working on your ball-handling. The higher the tempo, the more time you have to work on your double and triple moves. Setting the tempo will also allow you to pace your scoring if you decide to pair that with your ball-handling. In this drill, the Dish was moved away from the basket to the top of the key and was programmed to make a pass to the free throw line and also the left or right wing, then back to the free throw line. I set the tempo to 7 which would give me enough time to do 2 triple moves with a slide in between to the left and right lane lines. After I did my triple moves and slides, I passed the basketball back in to the net syestem and then sprinted out to the wing area to recieve the next pass. If you want to take this drill to the next level, add in some combo triple moves that you aren't comfortable with to push yourself!


In the ball-handling portion I set the tempo to 7 so I know that I have about 7 seconds to get to my spot and make a scoring move to the basket and get back to my ball-handling spot. This tempo will help you maintain your speed and consistency even when you are tired! In this drill, I caught the ball on the wing and made a quick sweep into a one dribble pull-up jump shot, or I attacked the rim for a finish. I made sure to switch up going baseline or jabbing and going middle to make sure that I was getting reps going both ways.


In any game situation you have to be able to make proper reads as a player and you have to be able to see beyond the first defender if you want to become a great scorer. Make sure to change up your reads coming off the screen and the different moves you use so that you will be prepared in any situation on the court. If you combine this with conditioning and skill, you will find yourself rising to the top and maximizing your potential as a player!

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