Basketball Drills: Drill of the Week - Ball Handling and Closeouts

by Jefferson Mason, on Oct 14, 2016 1:22:22 PM


Dish_Logo.pngCoach Mason here! I'm thrilled to bring you another great Drill of the Week!

One amazing feature I love about our Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine is the ability to move it away from the basket. This allows me to create new basketball drills on our shooting machine with our patented swivel net technology.


Below I will break down a great ball handling drill that incorporates closeouts with a reaction catch in between. Here at Dr. Dish basketball we focus on every aspect of becoming an amazing overall basketball player. The great thing about this drill is you can increase the tempo on the shooting machine and further challenge yourself. 

Drill of the Week: Ball Handling and Closeouts



Reaction Catch

The reaction catch is an important part of this drill because it incorporates your reflexes and quick twitch muscles. You have to be focused and make sure you are maintaining your tempo so that you can get to your spots in time. The game of basketball requires players to make quick split decisions and after the Dish fires you a pass, you have to transition quickly into the ball handling part of the drill. Lastly it's important to make sure you are in an athletic position and hands ready to catch the ball.

Ball Handling Moves

This is the part of the drill you can be creative with. In the video above, I did two series of triple moves and then the last was a freestyle on the spot. If you're a beginner then I would suggest starting out with simple single moves like crossovers, between the legs and behind the back. If you are more advanced, I suggest starting out with double or triple combination moves like:

  • Crossover-Between the legs-Behind the back
  • Between the legs twice-Behind the back
  • Crossover-Behind the back twice
  • In and out-Crossover-Between the legs

You can use a variety of moves and mix and match depending on what you want to work on. Make sure to keep your eyes up, elbows in and always be in an athletic stance. Focus on the minor details to help perfect your ball handling skills.


The final part of the basketball drill is the closeout action back to your starting point. It's import to sprint, then chop your feet before arriving at your spot. Make sure to close out with your hands held high and it's vital to be in an athletic stance. If you're straight up your defender will blow past you every time. As soon as you complete that closeout, the Dish will pass you another basketball and you will repeat once again.

It's important to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Mistakes will be made and you will not be perfect at this drill. Do not let mistakes deter you, but instead allow them to motivate you! 

Workout Time

Dr. Dish shooting machines allow you to set your workout time on the machine. As you increase you ball handling skills and conditioning, increase the amount of workout time on the Dish. Be sure to set your goal, and push yourself to complete it!

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