Basketball Drills: High Fake Shimmy Pop Progression Skill Builder Workout

by Jefferson Mason, on Mar 5, 2018 10:04:14 AM

Dr. Dish Basketball is back at it again with another great Skill Builder workout. This week we'll focus on the High Fake Shimmy Progression. This series of moves will help an offensive player create scoring opportunities for themselves and teammates as well. This progression is definitely advanced and it's great for players to add to their skill set and game. Even though we've built this workout for one player, this workouts temp and goals can be adjusted to accommodate small groups or even team training!

Dr. Dish basketball has continued to change the game with it's innovation and technology and we've had the pleasure to watch coaches and players maximize their potential all across the world. Our Training Management System has helped accelerate player skill development and helped high school, college and professional teams achieve their goals. There is no other shooting machine in the world that has a website database and also mobile app that directly works hand and hand with the shooting machine. Coaches, trainers and players can set goals, create unique workouts and push their players with actual game-like training. 

Check out the video below and see how this incredible Skill Builder workout can help take your game to the next level!


In the first shooting drill the Dish is set on a "Make it" goal which means the player has to make a certain amount of shots before moving to the next location within the drill. The player will work on their high fake shimmy quick pop action at three different locations. The high fake has recently caught fire in the basketball world, but is traditionally not a regular or average fake that players use. This is more of an advanced fake to try to get the defensive player to lift up out of their athletic position. The second motion is the same hand push through the legs into the lateral quick pop motion. This is a deceptive move which will help you freeze your defender and create enough space to get an open shot. Make sure to focus on keeping you pivot foot planted so that referees won't feel the need to call a travel on you. 

After completing the first shooting drill goal the player will transition into the next drill which will focus on ball-handling. To tie all the drills together, the player will work on a triple move pop action going side to side. This drill will help with keeping your handles tight and also help work on the pop motion that we are doing in the shooting drills. Try to maximize reps within this timed drill and really focus on pushing off the outside foot each time you explode laterally. After the time goal is completed the Dr. Dish All-Star will seamlessly transition into the next shooting drill without needing to be re-programmed or started. There is no shooting machine that has this capability and technology in the world!

The next shooting progression is the high fake crab-dribble pop action. This progression starts out the same with the high fake but incorporates a quick crab-dribble with the left hand, then between the legs pop after. Once again this deceptive move will often times freeze your defender and can also get them moving in the opposite direction if it's executed properly. It's important to keep the crab-dribble low and quick and remember its to help with positioning and momentum. Use your outside foot to explode the opposite direction for the shot. Once again the goal is to make 15 shots at 3 different locations in this drill. Push yourself to stay with the set tempo and concentrate on making shots.

After finishing the previous shooting drill, the player will transition into defensive slides. The goal is to get as many line touches as possible in this timed drill. This is a great way to develop muscle strength and also get your body in game shape. In a real game players are transitioning from defense to offense and vice versa, so this workout and every drill completed works hand and hand. When the time goal is reached the player will transition into the last shooting drill.

The last shooting progression in this workout will focus on the plant, pop, and pull action. The first two progressions are heavily focused on creating space with the lateral pop action but this last progression uses the pop action to deceive the defender which allows the offensive player to make a quick move and explode the opposite direction. Players remember the best scoring option can come at any point in time but this is a great way to have more options when looking to score in the half court. 

For more great skills and drills be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and this page for more basketball drills. most importantly remember to always train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!

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