Basketball Shooting Drills: Pure Sweat 5 Spot Combo Shooting

by Jefferson Mason, on Dec 19, 2016 10:00:00 AM

pure sweat 2.pngDr. Dish Basketball was happy to team up with Pure Sweat Basketball in this week's drill of the week! Much like us, Pure Sweat Basketball continues to take training to the next level and we are excited to take this 5 spot combo shooting drill, break it down, and show you how to train efficiently on our Dr. Dish shooting machines.

Pure Sweat Basketball works with players of all ages and skill levels around the country. They continue to take training to the next level as do we here at Dr. Dish Basketball

In the video below, I will break down the 5 spot combo shooting drill and some key things that you should focus on as a player. NBA player John Jenkins was able to successfully finish this drill in 1 minute 57 seconds! With basketball shooting drills like this, always strive to be your best and push your game to the next level!




In this basketball shooting drill we set several shooting goals on the Dish. The first goal was to make 5 shots before moving to the next location. The other goal we set on the Dr. Dish All-Star was to shoot at 5 different locations on the court. After 25 makes, the machine will stop and give you detailed real-time analytics on how I shot at each location.

This is a great drill because you have to make a variety of shots before moving on to the next location. Below is the breakdown of what you need to hit before moving on to the next location:

- Shoot and make 2 three pointers.

- 1 dribble pull-up going to right then left, make one each way.

- Shoot, and make 1 more three pointer.

After you make one shot at each of these spots, you will then go to the next location and repeat.


I can remember setting goals for myself as a young player and trying my hardest to reach them as quickly as I could. I remember the feeling of accomplishment when I realized I could work hard and achieve what I wanted in basketball. As a basketball player you should continue to set the bar high for yourself and strive to reach your maximum potential. Consistently working on basketball shooting drills like this is extremely important to develop. Always have a clear goal in mind and strive to hit that goal every time you train.john jenkins.jpg

In the video we challenged players to complete the drill as fast as they could but we did not require one additional requirement which was to make all 5 shots in a row before moving to the next spot.

NBA player John Jenkins was able to complete this drill making 5 shots in a row at each spot in 1 minute and 57 seconds. This will really take the drill to the next level and really challenge you as a player!


One thing I can remember my coaches saying to me was always to work and focus on my fundamentals. Sometimes players can lose sight of the foundation and building blocks of basketball. Players are often in a hurry to become the next LeBron James or Maya Moore and forget that it's a process and takes time. The fundamentals of shooting are extremely important when learning early and you want to make sure you are developing the proper muscle memory as you practice.

While it is important to focus on speed in this drill, don't let that distract you from being fundamentally sound. Catch ready to shoot every time, stay low, and focus on consistent, game-like mechanics every time you shoot.  

Dr. Dish Basketball continues to provide coaches, trainers and players with the most technologically advanced and efficient shooting machines in the world. Check us out and be sure to join our team of coaches, trainers, pros, and players that have already made the decision to choose us! 

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