Basketball Pre-Season: Recharge Your Body and Mind

by Jefferson Mason, on Aug 28, 2018 10:14:33 AM

austin-schmid-486171-unsplashWith school starting and basketball season right around the corner, many parents and coaches are excited for their kids/players to hit the court and show how much they've improved over the summer. With so much anticipation and excitement looming, players often feel the pressure for success mounting as the season approaches.

Basketball is an all-year sport now and if players aren't training or playing during the off-season they are quickly left behind. The problem with this competitive shift is that mentally it can overwhelm players and hurt their ability to train hard and increase their skill level.

Recharging the body and mind is an unbelievably important part of being a successful basketball player. Below we'll talk about a couple ways to help players recharge their bodies and minds without deterring from their progress as a player.



Often times coaches, trainers and parents forget why their kids decided to play sports to begin with. Most of the time kids try a sport because a friend is doing it or they have some sort of interest in trying it out. Early on players gain a love for the game because there is no pressure or requirements associated with playing. 

As time passes expectations shift as competition increases and they are expected to win and play near perfect every time they hit the court. If a player hasn't developed a love for the game at this point then usually they'll just quit and try something new. The idea of making basketball fun again is not pressuring players to only work on weaknesses or flaws, but allowing them to get out and simply play ball with some friends.

Basketball isn't fun when the focus is solely on a player's short comings because they will never feel like what they do is enough. If a player is treated this way then the sport begins to feel "business like" and motivation will surely die quickly. Make sure that players are having fun competing and understand that they are there to make friends, learn life lessons, how to win, and how to be dedicated to a team. This balance in sports develops players who train hard in their own free time because they love the game, want to get better. Motivate players to work hard by making it fun!


One of the hardest things for a committed player to do is, take time off. Also know as a coaches "dream player", some are so dedicated to their craft they want to spend every extra second they have in the gym. But is that really a charactieristic of a healthy player mentality?

Sometimes this level of commitment can cause a player to be mentally and physically worn down at the wrong times in the season and this can be harmful for both the player and team. It's important for parents and coaches to encourage balance in school, social life, and basketball. There is a fine line between dedication and obsession. When players have a chance to recharge they will have better attention spans and also be more willing to learn and work hard.

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