Basketball Drills: 30 Minute Partner Workout on Dr. Dish

by Jefferson Mason, on Nov 4, 2016 12:48:09 PM

britt jeff.pngCoach Mason here again! I'm really excited to breakdown an awesome, fun and time efficient workout. I had my special guest Brittnye McSparron with me and we wanted to get an efficient 30 min workout in on the Dish.

Brittnye and I did three different basketball drills that we set a time goal for 10 minutes each. We really pushed ourselves while working on our competitive shooting, ball-handling, and game like shooting. Check out the video below and see how we were able to put in some work using our All-Star Shooting Machine! 


Drill of the Week: 30 Minute Partner Workout on the Dish

Competitive Shooting
The first part of our 30 min workout started with us doing a fun but competitive shooting game. We set the dish to continuously pass one basketball at 5 different locations. Our goal was to play for 10 minutes or up to 25 points. One player will start at the first location and the other player will start by the Dish.
As soon as the Dish passes the basketball the player next to the Dish will sprint and close out to the shooter. This defender cannot block the shot but can make it uncomfortable for the shooter. The shooter can either take a contested shot or a one dribble pull up to their left or right. If the shooter makes the contested shot, its worth 2 points. If they use their one dribble, its worth 1 point. No points are awarded if the shooter misses the shot. If the shooter decides to use the one dribble, the defender has to allow them to go pass for an uncontested shot. This is why it is only worth 1 point on the make. The first player to 25 or has the highest score after 10 minutes wins.
Advanced 2 Ball-Handling Drill
The second drill Brittnye and I did was an advance partner ball-handling drill with the shooting machine away from the hoop. The All-Star has swivel net technology which allows the net to rotate and almost become a glove facing you. This allows for you to simply toss the basketball back into the net system.
I set the Dish to pass to 2 different locations. Brittnye was at one location and I was at the other. We set the Dish at tempo 5 and the drill starts with Brittnye receiving 10 passes at her location. As she receives the pass, she will pass me the basketball until we both have 2 balls. At this point the drill becomes very challenging because I have to pass one basketball back to the Dish and then receive another ball from her. She needs to make sure to get one basketball to me before the Dish passes her another basketball.
The Dish will hold you at a steady pace and keep you accountable with consistency. You have to keep your eyes up while dribbling otherwise its impossible to see where the balls are going. After the Dish makes 10 passes it will turn and start passing to me. This time I will receive the passes and pass a ball to Brittnye. She will now be the one throwing the balls into the net system. We set a time goal of 10 min once again for this drill and we pushed ourselves to the limit! You can adjust the tempo to fit your skill set and adjust the number of balls thrown to each location. 

Inside Outside Game-Like Shooting

The last part of our workout combines some inside post work and game-like mid-range shooting. Once again for this basketball drill the Dish will be away from the basket and will be places on the wing. The Dish will make passes to me on the post block and then also at the elbow free throw line area to Brittnye. Brittnye will play some post defense on me before I receive the pass and after that she will come off the down screen action and receive a pass from the Dish at the elbow for a shot. Make sure to practice your quick and counter moves down low and also try some news things out here and there.

Here at Dr. Dish Basketball, we are pushing the envelope with training and making sure we create new, efficient and innovative ways to train!

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