Basketball Quotes: Preparing For Greatness

lebron-james.jpgEvery day our team here at Dr. Dish Basketball discusses ideas on how we can make coaching around the world easier, more efficient, and also how we can accelerate player development through training and motivation.

The game of basketball continues to evolve and we want coaches and players to have all the tools necessary to accomplish the goals they set for themselves. Greatness is often times right around the corner but it takes effort and energy to get there.

Preparing for greatness happens throughout the year but especially following the season when everyone has an understanding on what needs to be done to become better. One thing that sets great players apart from the rest is the type of mindset they carry into every practice and every game. Outside factors can affect some players on court performance and not being mentally prepared can ultimately cost a game. Coaches preach staying focused and being mentally stronger than your opponent because these play a major part in becoming a champion on and off the court. These two basketball quotes below sum up a few characteristics that Dr. Dish is synonymous with and these quotes will definitely hit home for players and make them want to compete each and every day!

"I treat everyday like it's my last day with a basketball." - LeBron James

I personally love this quote because it's something that I lived by. I always had the feeling an mindset that someone, somewhere around the world was working to be a better player than me. I knew that if I didn't treat everyday like it was my last, I would take days off and I would never fully reach my potential. Many people live each day assuming they have another and basketball is the same way. Injuries and opportunity can halt or end a career and most of the time these things happen when least expected. This is why it's important to enjoy every practice and every memory on the court even when you are having rough or off days. 

Majority of young players have the aspiration to become college or professional players. The only way that dream can become a reality is if the time and hard work is put in. Almost every college and professional player will tell you they spent countless hours and days in the gym. It truly is a sacrifice if you want to become the best and have success. If you treat every day like it's your last on the court, then you will develop a love for the game that will take your game to new heights!

"Those who work the hardest are the last to surrender." Rick Pitino

rick pitino.jpgI can remember my college coach telling me that I needed to get through the figurative wall that was stopping me from taking my conditioning to the next level. I'd get to a point where I was extremely tired and then would sometimes dial it back and take plays off. I can tell you this did not sit well with my coach and at that level it was impossible to do that and win games. My coach would continue to push me and tell me to get over that wall because when I did, I would take my game to the next level and I would be that much closer to reaching my full potential. 

Rick Pitino's quote embodies a warrior and a winners mentality. When I was playing professionally, I wanted to know that the guys on the court with me were willing to give everything they had to win. That feeling was contagious and mentally prepared us for any challenge and any team that stepped on the court. Players that give in and won't battle when things get tough in practice are typically the first to bow out when it's game time. The players that work the hardest are willing to sacrifice the most for the team and are usually the ones coaches can count on the most. Sometimes the shear ability to outlast and out work your opponent can be the driving factor in a win. Make sure when you step on the court you are the hardest worker because then your opponent knows you won't give up and that you'll do whatever it takes to win!

Dr. Dish Basketball understands the importance of hard work and smart training. To be the best you have to train with the best and Dr. Dish shooting machines along with Skill Builder and our Training Management System will take your game to the next level!

For more great basketball quotes subscribe to our blog and always remember to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!

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