Basketball Training: Minnesota Lynx Guard, Lindsay Whalen at the #DishLab

Whalen-propels-Lynx-past-short-handed-Sky-DJ1NV4L2-x-large.jpgDr. Dish basketball had the pleasure of having 3x WNBA champion and Olympic gold medalist Lindsay Whalen in the #DishLab. Lindsay took some time to talk with us and also laced her shoes up and got in a great workout here at the #DishLab. 

The Minnesota Lynx have had tremendous success since Lindsay returned to her home state to play. Every Lynx game is packed with awesome fans that show amazing support for Lindsay and her teammates. 

I know first hand from practicing with the Lynx a few years ago, that they go game speed and practice extremely hard. They are efficient with how they train and that is evident through their success on the court. Lindsay is always looking for a way to stay ahead of the pack and continue to be a premiere guard in the WNBA.

Below is a quick video of Lindsay getting some shots up in the #DishLab. One things for certain, if you come to the #DishLab you are gonna put in some work and that's exactly what All-Star Lindsay Whalen did! 


 Lindsay Whalen working out at the #DishLab


Training Hard and at Game-Like Speed

The Minnesota Lynx move the ball extremely well and they work the mid-range and short corner action well too. Their offense is not based simply on inside-outside action. They score in a variety of ways and that's why its important to train game-like in practice and when working out individually. On top of having athletically gifted players, the Lynx are extremely efficient in what they do and that is spear headed by Lindsay Whalen. She pushes the pace and makes sure to put players in great scoring opportunities. Lindsay will continue to help the Minnesota Lynx remain in elite form and be a force to be reckoned with in the WNBA.

We appreciate Lindsay working out with us today and taking time to chat with us. It's always a pleasure to have a champion in the building!

Here at Dr. Dish Basketball we train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose. If you want to train like the pros and get the most out of your basketball training, check out our YouTube page for great workouts and drills! 

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