Dr. Dish Visits Five-Star Basketball Camp

Five Star and Dr. Dish BasketballDr. Dish Basketball is thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the legendary Five Star Basketball Camp this past weekend (March 11th, 2017). The camp included talent from all around the state of Illinois and surrounding areas, and also included an incredible coaching staff full of basketball experience and knowledge.

Five-Star Basketball has had some of the greatest coaches and players in basketball history participate in their camps. The likes of Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, Carmelo Anthony, Moses Malone, LeBron James, Mike Krzyzewski, John Calipari and Rick Pitino, and countless other stars are associated with Five-Star Basketball. The camp and brand itself is legendary and Dr. Dish Basketball was thankful for the opportunity to take part in it all.

Dr. Dish was able to enhance the camp by providing our All-Star shooting machine at shooting stations and also provided expert advice and training for the players. Five-Star Basketball did an amazing just embodying all the pieces that are necessary to become a complete player in all the stations and basketball drills we did that day. Overall the kids had fun, worked hard, and gained valuable knowledge.

During camp the kids had the opportunity to visit multiple stations throughout the day. Each time the kids went through stations, they learned a little more and the coaches running the stations would build off of what was taught the first time around. At each of the shooting stations, Dr. Dish created basketball shooting drills that focused on shooting, but also incorporated ball-handling, footwork, conditioning and coordination drills as well. The great thing about our Dr. Dish All-Star is the ability to move the shooting machine away from the basket to train post play and make game location passing. Training game-like is crucial for players and will make the transition from practice to game time more realistic. Check out the video below recapping our experience at the Five Star Camp this past weekend!


Five Star and Dr. Dish Basketball teamed up to make this camp an experience the kids would never forget. We wanted to make sure that the training and knowledge the kids were receiving was first class and innovative. We wanted to make sure that training was efficient for all the players and we made sure every kid had the opportunity to get better. The kids really got after it and and competed hard in the 3 vs 3 and 5 vs 5.

The best part of camp for Dr. Dish was seeing the smiling faces every time we brought out the Dish. The kids were excited to train on it and see all the cool features Dr. Dish machines have. Before camp started, we cranked up the tunes on the JBL speaker which is integrated into the shooting machine. The kids really got pumped up and it set the mood and atmosphere in the gym. This was just another simple way Dr. Dish enhanced the camp experience for the kids and coaches!

Dr. Dish Basketball wants to once again thank our partners over at Five-Star Basketball for letting us take part in the amazing camp they hosted. It was an amazing experience for everyone and we look forward to participating in more camps in the near future.

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page for great skills and drills. Most importantly, always remember to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!

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