Basketball Drills: Wing Area and Curl Scoring Options

jj redick.jpgDr.Dish Basketball is pleased to bring you another great drill this week. It's important to work on simple actions that players see many times throughout a game. A few examples would be scoring from the wing and also off the curl action. Within the flow of the offense, players will have the opportunity to attack from the wing and also from the curl action. Many coaches design sets that will allow their players to make plays from these options. It's important to change up what you do when practicing your moves from these locations.

Players like JJ Redick have made a living off of scoring from the curl action. Redick only needs half a second to make a decision on how he will score because he reads the defense so well. He can score with the quick catch and shoot, the floater, one dribble pull-up, step back and also attacking the rim. He makes these decisions based on where his main defender is and also the second line defender. The only way you can become proficient from the curl action is to continue to practice and understand the different situations you may encounter. Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machines can be moved away from the basket and with its swivel net technology, players can easily make passes back to the net system. With the Dish away from the basket, players can receive game-location passes and train game-like situations! 

Check out the video below showing how you can work on these scoring options using the Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine!

Scoring off the Curl and Short Corner



There are so many options when it comes to scoring from the wing area. If you are catching from the three point line you will have more space to create a play off the dribble for yourself or a teammate. When you move inside the three point line and even to the short corner area, you won't have as much space to create, but if you're skilled you can get some high level scoring looks. One great thing about scoring from the wing area inside the three point line is that the defense doesn't have as much time to react and respond to what you do. This is why some of the greatest players in the NBA like to catch the basketball at the elbow, short corner and wing area. These players can zip a pass to a teammate quick if the defense is sagging in or they can take one dribble and score in a variety of different ways. With the All-Star you can program the Dish to make passes to all of these locations on the court to train the most efficient way.


There are a many different situations in which a player can curl within an offensive set. Most times players are taught to curl if their defender is trailing or shadowing them off of a down screen. JJ Redick does a great job of moving off of screens and reading the defender. Typically coaches will say never go one man removed defensively on a shooter because they will have an easy open shot. This is why players like Redick have to be able to score in many different ways coming off of the curl. A few looks we worked on were the curl action attacking the rim for a euro-step finish, on the opposite side of the hoop. We also worked on the floater and pull-up jump shot coming off the curl action. There are many other ways to score so be sure to switch up what you're working on and challenge yourself to have a variety of scoring options. Most importantly make sure that you are going hard and and concentrating on the details, because it may be the difference between scoring or not.

Dr. Dish prides itself on efficient and complete training. Our shooting machines are designed to help players train at the highest level while keeping players accountable in their training. For more great content and videos, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page and always remember to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!

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