Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Carmelo Anthony Step Across Shooting

carmelo anthony.jpgDr. Dish Basketball is back at it again with another great Skill Builder workout. In this complete workout, we will be working on our step across shooting. This isn't necessarily a one-on-one move but moreso foot work action. The line between the two is very thin and Carmelo Anthony is one of the best players in the NBA at utilizng both. 

Carmelo is great at creating space with his jab step and also great at getting past his defender. One of the main reasons he is so succesful in the one on one situation is due to his incredible foot work. Carmelo has the ability to create space and get his defender moving by simple using his footwork and body movements. 

In this basketball drill we worked on a progression using the step across action. Check out the video below showing how the step across footwork action can create space and scoring opportunities for you!





The first part of this move we worked on the step across movement. If you're a decent to great shooter, the majority of defenders will press up on you defensively when you have the basketball in a scoring situation. When the defender closes the gap, you want to step across their body with either your left or right foot. As soon as you do that you have two quick scoring options. The first is to explode to the basket immediately after stepping across the defender.  It's important to read where the defenders feet and body are so that you can turn the corner to make a direct path to the basket. If you allow the defender to bump you off then your angle will take you away from the hoop and that will make scoring more difficult. The second option with the step across movement is to add in a shake the opposite way with your back shoulder. This shake will help freeze the defender so that you can attack the basket or create space for the open jumpshot. It's important to be versatile so make sure that you are practicing going both ways in this drill.


The second action with this move is to add in the seep going the opposite way after stepping across the defender. If the offensive player steps across the defender and they don't adjust properly, thats the first scoring option. If the defender shifts their feet like they are suppose to, then the quick sweep of the basketball and inside foot going the opposite way, will be the next scoring option. When the offensive player sweeps, they must make sure to once again attack the defenders shoulder so the defender recover and cut them off. Once again you have the option to attack the basket or create space for the jump shot.


The third action we worked on was the step across jab action. Occasionally you will have a defender that is dialed in and quick on their feet. This option allows the offensive player to dictate where the defensive player will shift. After stepping across, the defender will then become eager to recover and beat the offensive player to the next spot. The jab will send the defender the opposite way giving you that split second to attack the opposite way for the lay-up or jump shot. Make sure to jab towards the hoop because a jab to the side typically won't fool a good defender.


In between our basketball shooting drills we incorporated conditioning drills. The great thing about Skill Builder is the ability to incorporate almost any drill you want your players to work on. It's important for players to stay in shape throughout the season so in corporating conditioning drills into their workout is crucial. Coaches make sure to be creative with your conditioning drills so that players are as excited as they can be during this part of the workout. Incorporate some ball-handling conditioning drills, agility conditioning drill and unique explosive training conditioning drills. 

Dr. Dish continues to innovate and push the envelope when it comes to complete player skill development. Make sure to subscribe and check out more great content on our YouTube channel. And always remember to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!

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