Dr. Dish Skill Builder: NBA Cross-Step Workout

john wall.jpgDr. Dish Basketball is especially excited about this Skill Builder workout! In this workout, we'll focus on a very popular move, the cross-step, used in the NBA by players like John Wall, Derrick Rose, and Kyrie Irving. This move is extremely deceptive and can be used anywhere on the court. 

John Wall is one of the best players in the NBA and he has really mastered using this move in many different situations. Wall is especially effective at using this move coming off the screen action and he often uses this move to freeze the second line defender. In this workout, we will get a ton of shots up and also really focus on making free throws when we are tired. We will also add in a sideline to sideline ball-handling drill that will help work on your handle and add in some additional conditioning.

In the video below, we will break down the cross-step move and also show how we created this complete workout using Skill Builder!




The cross-step move has been around for quite a while, but over the years players have added a little more personality to the move. The cross-step is a combination of the crossover and hesitation step move. When performing this move, you will need to first crossover the basketball, but before you accelerate that same direction, you want to step hard the opposite way first. This hesitation and hard step will freeze your defender and allow you to explode the opposite direction for an open shot. 

The great thing about this move is you can use it progressively throughout a game. You want to first start off by utilizing the crossover early in the game and then follow that up by using the hesitation step move sometime soon after. When you do this, you'll have the defender guessing what you may do the next time a one on one situation occurs. The next chance you get will be a great opportunity to use the cross-step move and more then likely you will blow past your defender. Now it isn't necessary to use this move in progression, but for younger players this is a great way to see how the move works within a game situation.

With Skill Builder I can create this workout around this particular move and I can program my goals that I want to achieve throughout each shooting drill. The Dr. Dish All-Star will seamlessly transition through each drill in this workout and all I have to do is work hard and concentrate on making shots.


In between each shooting drill we added in some drills that focused on dribbling on the move and also shooting free throws. It's extremely important to work on free throws when you are tired and within a workout because it makes the situation more game-like. Coaches, trainers, and players can add whatever drills in between the basketball shooting drills they want. This is a great way to work on weaknesses a player may have and increase conditioning and game-like fatigue. With Skill Builder and our Training Management System, you can now create or select complete workouts and track progress over time which will help accelerate player skill development!

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