Checking in With The Winner of the 1st 2017 Dr. Dish Sweepstakes!

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we wanted to start 2017 off with a bang! That's why we launched our first 2017 Dr. Dish Sweepstakes. We already had hundreds of entries from clinics and events that we attended last year. However, we opened the Sweepstakes...

Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine Giveaway: August 10, 2016

In case you didn't see, we at Dr. Dish Basketball ran our first nationwide Dr. Dish All-Star Basketball Shooting Machine Giveaway in 2016!

2015 Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine Giveaways

We had an absolute blast in 2015 with our Basketball Shooting Machine Giveaways!

After giving away three machines at various Clinics we were at - Texas, Iowa, and Minnesota - we decided to open up our 4th giveaway to the entire nation. 


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