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by Emily Stiemsma, on Sep 10, 2018 2:11:52 PM

When it comes to knowing what to work on with youth players or teams the main thing we have learned is to keep things simple and fun, which is why this Drill of the Week serves as a good foundation. Coach mason touched on the "fun" aspect in his most recent blog post as well!

In this video, Emily breaks down 5 basic layup finishes to work on with your players. While these 5 finishes are important to introduce to young players, NO player is too advanced to practice finishing around the rim. Consider adding defense to make this more challenging.

A great way to get lots of conditioning reps up for a player is to use the Dr. Dish All-Star on the wing to deliver passes to the top of the key. This is possible with the All-Star's patented swivel net system. 

Another part about this set up that we love is it can be designed for one player, or a whole team! Simply change the Tempo settings on the machine to tailor the drill. 

To program this drill on your Dr. Dish All-Star set it up on a wing, pointing straight at the hoop. Program the Dish using the perimeters below. Have your players line up at the top of the key and take turns finishing at the rim, rebounding the ball back into the Dish. Notice the two images below and how you could also have the Dish pass to the short corner for a baseline drive and finish!

Locations: Take your pick!
Balls Per Location: 1 
Tempo: 7


Make sure to start slow and only speed up when the players have mastered the footwork!

Dish on wing 2

Dish on wing

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