Basketball Shooting Drills: Pure Sweat 5 Spot Combo Shooting

Dr. Dish Basketball was happy to team up with Pure Sweat Basketball in this week's drill of the week! Much like us, Pure Sweat Basketball continues to take training to the next level and we are excited to take this 5 spot combo shooting drill,...

Basketball Shooting Machines: How Dr. Dish is making Professional Coaches more Productive

We tend to put a lot of emphasis on how basketball shooting machines can improve player performance, but there are many benefits for the coaching staff as well. We've already talked about how coaches can hold their players more accountable by...

6 Ways Basketball Shooting Machines are Changing with the Times

As technology has improved over the years, so have the capabilities of training aids such as basketball shooting machines. Not that long ago, coaches could only train their guards around the perimeter, but now coaches have the ability to move...

Basketball Shooting Drills: Turn Everyday Training into "Smart Training"

As a former college basketball player, I know I've been guilty of this and you or your players probably have too: Casual Shooting.

Basketball Coaching: One Simple Way to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Do you play in a tough conference?

Is there that one team that always beats you?

Ask yourself, are you playing bold with your approach to competing against them, or are you copying their process?

You cannot beat an overpowering opponent...

5 Ways to Gain An Edge With Your Basketball Shooting Machine

Does your basketball shooting machine help YOU make better decisions to win games?

4 Common Problems With Outdated Basketball Shooting Machines

As a basketball shooting machine company, it's tough to write about what is wrong with our own products!

A Modern Basketball Shooting Machine is More Affordable Than You Might Think

Most coaches would agree that a basketball shooting machine is a valuable asset to any basketball program. The option to triple the amount of reps a player can get in the same amount of time is a huge game changer. Not to mention the other...

Basketball Shooting Drills: Hammer Shooting With Dr. Dish

Be sure to check out Bball Breakdown and subscribe to their YouTube Channel!

As we've mentioned before, many think that basketball shooting machines are only for off-season training. But, it's critical to make sure that every player is getting...

Basketball Shooting Machines and 3 Factors of "Flow"

Of all the reasons to get a basketball shooting machine, one of the most beneficial is its ability to access a player’s flow. The theory of flow or being “in the zone” has been around for hundreds of years. It has gone largely unstudied until the...


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