Basketball Quotes: 10 Quotes Every Coach Should Live By

by Evan Davis | Aug 19, 2016 | Basketball Quotes


Coaches have a tremendous impact on the lives of their players. The interactions I had with my middle school basketball coach are still very vivid today and I still employ some of the lessons he taught me about the value of hard work to this...

5 Basketball Quotes That Showcase Perseverance

by Nick Bartlett | Jul 12, 2016 | Basketball Quotes

Basketball is not a stress-free sport: it necessitates physical and mental persistence and an indomitable conviction that success is possible. Encourage your players to push themselves by emphasizing that perseverance is what separates a player...

5 Basketball Quotes To Motivate You This Off-Season

by Nick Bartlett | May 01, 2016 | Basketball Quotes

Motivating your players is a key component of a coach’s job. Practice gets players ready for the physical aspect of basketball, but motivational words get players ready for the mental aspect, and help them form the right mindset in preparing for...

5 Basketball Quotes to Prepare for the Upcoming Big Game

A signature win is so close for your basketball program that you can almost taste it. This next game will show the world what your team is made of. But, the last practice was shaky and you’re sensing that your players don't understand the...

3 Basketball Quotes to Turn Your Captain into a Leader

When you selected your captain, the pride in your young player’s eyes made you smile. You’ve just set him on a lifelong journey. The weight of that "captain" title will weigh on him years after his career is done. But it will weigh on you as soon...

Top 8 Basketball Quotes From Hall Of Fame Coaches

by Nick Bartlett | Jan 04, 2016 | Basketball Quotes

In its 100+ years of existence, the sport of basketball has seen its share of coaching greats. This inventive bunch has transformed the game into the fast-paced global sport it is today.

Every superstar in every era and at every level saw his or...

10 Basketball Quotes After A Tough Loss

by Nick Bartlett | Dec 17, 2015 | Basketball Quotes

In a big game against your biggest rival, your basketball team played like champions – and came up empty with a tough loss. As their fans scream with joy you and your staff escort your kids with their head's down to the locker room.

Shooting Poorly? 5 Basketball Quotes To Change Your Season

You weren't sure, but your last ice-cold outing is the final proof. Shots you used to sink with ease are now clanging off the rim.


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