Instagram Star, Mike Dunn, Visits the Dish Lab

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we pride ourselves on working with many of the top basketball coaches and trainers in the world to create valuable content for our users and audience. That's why we were thrilled to invite Mike Dunn to join us in the Dish...

Three Reasons to Focus on Details when Off-Season Training

Basketball is a game of continual improvement. When your players compete in a league full of highly trained athletes, it’s the attention to details that set them apart and give them the competitive edge they need to come out ahead at the end of...

Basketball Shooting Drills: Developing Proper Shooting Form

I can remember myself at a young age watching Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller battle it out on the basketball court. After the games would end, I would almost immediately go outside and start shooting and practicing my game. I had the drive and...

Basketball Coaching: The Importance Of Developing a Go-To Move

Developing a go-to move is a crucial way in which a player can become relevant and also a continual threat on the offensive side of the floor. Oftentimes teams can focus on 1-2 players when it pertains to defensive schemes. Great coaches can...

Basketball Shooting: 3 Footwork Styles of NBA Players

by Evan Davis | Jul 29, 2016 | Basketball Shooting

Here at Dr. Dish, we always stress the importance having your feet shoulder-width apart in order to create a solid basketball shooting base. This allows you to transfer the most energy from your legs as you elevate over your defender to release...

Basketball Shooting Drills: Skills and Drills – Hunt the Paint

"Skills and Drill - Hunt the Paint" by Aseem Rastogi was originally published by FastModel Sports.

Hunt the Paint is a full court, full skill drill utilizing the Dr. Dish as the outlet passer. Use it to train ball handling, outlet pass...

The Top 20 Mistakes Made When Basketball Training

When basketball training, you likely know the cliche sayings: Work hard. Push yourself. Love the grind. Etc. Etc. 

Many of these sayings are valid and useful, but too many players don't exactly know how to apply these statements effectively when...

Basketball Shooting: 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Shot

by Evan Davis | Jul 05, 2016 | Basketball Shooting

If you watch a professional basketball game, you will notice that almost every player has a style to their jump shot that is unique to them. Many players have different basketball shooting pockets, jump heights, and release times. It is easy to...

March Madness: 68 Of the Best Shooters from Each Team

Yesterday we gave you the best three point shooting teams in the tournament. Today we're giving you the best shooters from each of the 68 teams. Each Dr. Dish "Hot Shooter" was decided through researching based on a combination of 3 Point Makes,...

March Madness: All 68 Teams Ranked on 3 Point Shooting

by Nick Bartlett | Mar 14, 2016 | Basketball Shooting

During March Madness, sometimes all it takes is one hot shooting game or two from a Cinderella team to make their mark.


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