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How the University of South Florida stays Hi-Tech with Dr. Dish

Dr. Dish Basketball would like to congratulate Dr. Dish family member, University of South Florida Women's program on another great season! The Lady Bulls finished the year at 24-9 and earned their 3rd consecutive NCAA Tournament Birth!


How Yale Basketball is Innovating with Dr. Dish

When Yale University purchased a basketball shooting machine from Dr. Dish Basketball, the features they were most excited about were the analytical capabilities.  We recently sat down with the Men's Head Basketball Coach, James Jones, and talked...

How NDSU uses their Dr. Dish to Make Better Decisions

We pride ourselves in being able to bring advanced statistics and analytics to our customers via our online database and mobile app. Our goal is to allow coaches at all levels of the game to have the information they need to make better in-game...

Basketball Shooting Machines: How Dr. Dish is making Professional Coaches more Productive

We tend to put a lot of emphasis on how basketball shooting machines can improve player performance, but there are many benefits for the coaching staff as well. We've already talked about how coaches can hold their players more accountable by...

How St. Mary's University (MN) is Using Dr. Dish for Game-Like Training

Coach Jamison Rusthoven has made many stops throughout his 20+ year coaching career and has experienced much success along the way (see his full bio here). Now entering his 4th season at St. Mary's University in Minnesota, he's determined to...

Basketball Shooting Drills: Steph Curry Drills with Coach Collin of Shot Mechanics


Coach Collin Castellaw of Shot Mechanics Basketball stopped by the DishLab to show how you can run drills that train you how shoot off the catch like Steph Curry. 

Curry is great at shooting in transition off of passes that might be too for out...

Basketball Drills: Dr. Dish Drill of the Week - Shooting off the Dribble

by Evan Davis | Oct 09, 2016 | basketball drills

Coach Mason is back in the #DishLab bringing you another Dr. Dish Drill of the Week!

Basketball Training: 3 Ways to Ensure You're "All-In"

by Evan Davis | Oct 03, 2016

We've all met someone who talks a big game. Basketball training

They talk the talk, but when it comes time to walk the walk, they can't deliver. At some point, whether on the court, in the gym or just in life, you will find yourself in a...

Basketball Drills: Dr. Dish Drill of the Week - Handling, Finishing & Conditioning

Coach Mason is back in the #DishLab to bring you our second Dr. Dish Drill of the Week

Since tryouts and training camps are quickly approaching, the main focus of this week's drill is geared towards working on your all-around game with emphasis...

Why a modern Basketball Shooting Machine Should be at the Top of your Wish List

Now is the time that coaches are taking inventory, looking at catalogs of basketball equipment, and dreaming of all the things that they want to put on their wish list. 

Every once in a while a coach or athletic director will tell us that...


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