Basketball Coaching And Dealing With Parents

by Jefferson Mason | Nov 03, 2017 | Basketball Coaching

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we understand the importance of efficient and game-like training but we are also aware that coaches have many more day-to-day tasks that come with being a coach.

One of the hardest things for coaches to manage is the...

Basketball Coaching: How To Build a Cohesive Team This Season

by Jefferson Mason | Oct 25, 2017 | Basketball Coaching

Understanding how to build a cohesive team is essential for basketball coaches at every level. One of the hardest things for coaches to do is bring all the players they have, from different backgrounds, together for one common goal.

Every player...

Coach Mason: How Coaching Helped Me Develop Confidence as a Player

by Jefferson Mason | Oct 16, 2017 | Basketball Coaching

As a former college and pro player myself, I know one of the most important qualities any player can possess is confidence.

Basketball Quotes: Achieve your Goals by Maximizing Your Potential

Dr. Dish Basketball takes pride in providing the highest level of training, throughout the year, for players of all ages. Every coach and trainer knows the importance of winning games during the season and equally understand the importance of...

Coach Mason Joins the Pure Sweat Basketball Show

Coach Mason Joins the Coaching U Podcast with Brendan Suhr

One company that we are absolutely thrilled to be partnered with is Coaching U. Led by the Coach Brendan Suhr, Coaching U hosts some of the most premier basketball coaching clinics in the world featuring world-class speakers and championship...

The Importance of Molding Your Coaching Around Your Players

We know: Coaching basketball is a job that will always keep you on your toes. Coaches at every level have a ton of pressure to succeed and win. This is especially true now as the game has changed and players have a lot more power than they used...

3 Ways to Maintain a Winning Mindset in the Off-Season

Excited, energetic, engaged. These are some adjectives that describe how your players should feel about the upcoming season. While the off-season gives your players a break from games and the opportunity to address other commitments, a winning...

Basketball Coaches: 3 Ways to Stay Accountable in the Off-Season

The season is over for the time being, but your role as coach goes on. After you’ve taken a much-deserved break to spend some time with friends and family, it’s back to giving yourself – and your team – the careful attention that drives success...

The Ultimate Off-Season Checklist to Gain an Edge

As we enter into the off-season, it can be overwhelming to absorb the emotional roller coaster of the entire season and start devising a plan to improve over the next 5-7 months. The transition from daily practices/games to having none...


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