How George Mason is Staying Accountable with Dr. Dish Shooting Machines

Coach Dave Paulsen has been coaching college basketball for over 20 years. He has had success at each stop along his coaching journey and is currently in his second season with George Mason University (full bio here). Coach Paulsen is extremely...

Why A Basketball Coaching Legend Chooses Dr. Dish

When it comes to high school basketball coaching, I challenge you to find anyone who has near the credentials of the legendary St. Anthony (New Jersey) Coach, Bob Hurley. With over 1,100 wins, 28 state championships, 5 first round NBA draft...

How St. Mary's University (MN) is Using Dr. Dish for Game-Like Training

Coach Jamison Rusthoven has made many stops throughout his 20+ year coaching career and has experienced much success along the way (see his full bio here). Now entering his 4th season at St. Mary's University in Minnesota, he's determined to...

How a Virginia Coach is Cultivating a Winning Culture With Dr. Dish

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we always stress the importance of hard work and training with purpose to every player looking to improve. But this mantra also applies to basketball coaching as well!

Basketball Coaching Clinics: Brayden Carr Foundation Notes

It's always a pleasure for Dr. Dish Basketball to travel around the country to attend some of the best basketball coaching clinics. The 2016 Coaches Clinics put on by the Brayden Carr Foundation in Rhode Island and New Jersey were both incredible...

Introducing the "Dish Lab" for Basketball Training

We at Dr. Dish Basketball are extremely excited to unveil the "Dish Lab" at the Dr. Dish Headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota. We're always trying to add value beyond only providing our basketball training equipment. 

Basketball Coaching: The Importance Of Developing a Go-To Move

Developing a go-to move is a crucial way in which a player can become relevant and also a continual threat on the offensive side of the floor. Oftentimes teams can focus on 1-2 players when it pertains to defensive schemes. Great coaches can...

Basketball Coaching: 3 Special Considerations to Make for Your Players

by Nick Bartlett | Jun 20, 2016 | Basketball Coaching

Basketball is a thrilling game that demands intense focus and effort. While players learn to give their all and develop their motivation as they train and receive basketball coaching, sometimes devoting all their energy to the game is harder than...

Basketball Coaching Clinics: 2016 Head Coach Training Center Recap

It was an absolute pleasure for us at Dr. Dish Basketball to sponsor the Head Coach Training Center event put on by The BDS Agency in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Basketball Coaching: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!

"If you want something you've never had, you must do something you've never done." - Thomas Jefferson


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