Why Baylor Basketball Upgraded to Dr. Dish

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we are 100% committed to providing each customer with the best experience before, during, and after their purchase. It’s been a blast seeing more top programs and coaches jump on board and join the Dr. Dish Family.

Basketball Drills: Change of Direction Shooting

The ability to shoot on the move and also make quick ball-handling moves on the catch is a skill that many players lack in today's game. Majority of players play the game downhill or north to south. This isn't necessarily the wrong way to play,...

Basketball Training: Development While Active in Other Sports

Sports in today's world look much different then 10-15 years ago. Training, skill, exposure, time, and motivation are just a few areas in which the game has evolved. One of the toughest questions a player faces is the amount of time they should...

Basketball Drills: Triple Moves and Finishing at the Rim

Dr. Dish Basketball is back at it with another great Drill of the Week! In this basketball drill, we will focus on ball-handling and also finishing at the rim.

For our ball-handling part of the drill we will focus on triple moves before slashing...

Coach Mason Visits the Belgian Basketball Clinic

Dr. Dish is officially taking over the world! I was thrilled to travel to Europe this summer and speak at the Belgian Basketball Clinic! This event attracted coaches all around Europe and also featured some great guest speakers including former...

Basketball Tips: How to Become a Better Passer

Basketball is a beautiful sport in many different ways and if you're able to master a specific skill, you'll have the opportunity to change the game and have a huge competitive advantage over your opponent. Typically people reading this would...

Basketball Drills: Sideline to Sideline Shooting Workout

Dr. Dish basketball is back at it again with another great Skill Builder workout. In this workout, we will focus on shooting on the move from sideline to sideline and we will also incorporate making free throws while we're tired. There are many...

Corner Lift Shooting with Coach Nick of BballBreakdown

It's been a blast working with some great basketball minds in the Dish Lab this summer. Recently, we had Coach Nick of Bballbreakdown stop by the Lab to run through some great basketball drills and concepts. Coach Nick has been a great friend of...

Dr. Dish Basketball Visits Mounds View High School (MN)

At Dr. Dish Basketball, it's been a blast watching countless number of teams join the Dr. Dish Family in 2017. But this one was a personal favorite of mine as Mounds View High School is actually my Alma mater! 

Team Drills: Drive and Pitch Drills with Coach Ed Andrist

As always, we were thrilled to have Coach Ed Andrist of UW-Stout join us in the Dish Lab to break down a few of his favorite Team Drills that he uses on his Dr. Dish All-Star machines.


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