Dr. Dish Coaches Clinic Recap

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we're constantly innovating and thinking of ways we can provide extra value to basketball coaches around the world.

Team Basketball Shooting Drills: Baseline Cutter

We were very fortunate to have Coach Ed Andrist of UW-Stout join us in the Dish Lab to demonstrate some of his favorite basketball shooting drills that he uses in practice situations with the entire team. It's a common misconception that Dr. Dish...

Basketball Coaching And Dealing With Parents

by Jefferson Mason | Nov 03, 2017 | Basketball Coaching

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we understand the importance of efficient and game-like training but we are also aware that coaches have many more day-to-day tasks that come with being a coach.

One of the hardest things for coaches to manage is the...

Basketball Drills: Skill Builder 15 Minute Shooting Workout

With school back in session and players time limited more then ever, Dr. Dish wanted to take the time to create workouts in which players can quickly do before and after school or even during lunch. This quick 15 minute shooting workout will not...

Basketball Coaching: How To Build a Cohesive Team This Season

by Jefferson Mason | Oct 25, 2017 | Basketball Coaching

Understanding how to build a cohesive team is essential for basketball coaches at every level. One of the hardest things for coaches to do is bring all the players they have, from different backgrounds, together for one common goal.

Every player...

Basketball Drills: Utilizing the Shot Fake with Midwest 3 on 3

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we are always excited to work with our great partners who are experts at what they do. Pat Freeman of Midwest 3 on 3 recently joined us in the Dish Lab to show his favorite basketball drills to use on the Dr. Dish All-Star.

Dr. Dish Basketball Visits Pure Sweat in Los Angeles

by Jefferson Mason | Oct 19, 2017 | Dr. Dish, Pure Sweat

Dr. Dish Basketball recently had the chance to head to LA and visit with our partner Drew Hanlen and Pure Sweat Basketball. It was an amazing trip that included several high level NBA training sessions and also a visit to our Dr. Dish family...

Basketball Drills: Gretzky Series with Positionless Basketball

It was great having Positionless Basketball in the Dish Lab to demonstrate some great basketball drills to simulate game-like actions and build complete players!

Coach Mason: How Coaching Helped Me Develop Confidence as a Player

by Jefferson Mason | Oct 16, 2017 | Basketball Coaching

As a former college and pro player myself, I know one of the most important qualities any player can possess is confidence.

Basketball Drills: Partner Shooting and Handles

In this Skill Builder workout, Coach Mason is joined by me, Nick Bartlett (Marketing Manager at Dr. Dish Basketball), in the Dish Lab to demonstrate a great partner shooting and ball handling workout.


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