Beat The Pro: Skill Builder Basketball Challenge

When Bre Salley joined us in the lab she knew she wanted to incorporate a Beat the Pro drill in! If you haven't heard of beat the pro before here are the traditional rules:

Basketball Shooting Drills: Skills and Drills – Hunt the Paint

"Skills and Drill - Hunt the Paint" by Aseem Rastogi was originally published by FastModel Sports.

Hunt the Paint is a full court, full skill drill utilizing the Dr. Dish as the outlet passer. Use it to train ball handling, outlet pass...

Basketball Shooting Drills - Dr. Dish Full Court Shooting

Dr. Dish Full Court Shooting was originally posted on FastModel Sports

Together with our great partners at FastModel Sports, we’ve created The Dr. Dish Shooting Drill Book, which includes 30 drills ready to implement with your team today! The...


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