How To Motivate Players to be Leaders in the Classroom

Here at Dr. Dish basketball, we pride ourselves on being more than just a shooting machine. We believe that it's important to cover all aspects of basketball so that we can provide helpful insights to players, parents, and coaches.

High school...

Youth Basketball: Back to The Basics > 5 Layup Finishes

When it comes to knowing what to work on with youth players or teams the main thing we have learned is to keep things simple and fun, which is why this Drill of the Week serves as a good foundation. Coach mason touched on the "fun" aspect in his...

6 Tips for Sticking With It, Even When You’re Defeated

A look into the challenges that come with playing Division 3 basketball and the temptations of quitting.  

The Sports Lesson I Wish I Could Give My Ten-Year Old Self

Note from Dr. Dish Basketball: We are thrilled to have Emily Stiemsma on board as our NEW Customer Success and Marketing Specialist. In this role, Emily will assist coaches and customers on fully utilizing their Dr. Dish machines. She will also...

Dr. Dish Visits Five-Star Basketball Camp

Dr. Dish Basketball is thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the legendary Five Star Basketball Camp this past weekend (March 11th, 2017). The camp included talent from all around the state of Illinois and surrounding areas, and...

Basketball Drills: Developing a Floater

Most youth basketball players have hopes to be the next LeBron James or Diana Taurasi and to play at the highest level. Unfortunately most players never grow to be 6'8 or naturally become an unstoppable athletic force. It's extremely important...

Youth Basketball Drills: 4 Ways to Motivate Young Players

Motivating young players is often frustrating and time consuming, especially if the coach/parent was once an athlete themselves. It's only natural to want the best for youth players, but when it seems they don't want that for themselves, what do...

Youth Basketball: 3 Parent Concerns & How To Address Them

Parents can be the greatest allies of a youth basketball coach as long as a little time, effort, and planning are spent to incorporate them into the program. Just like you teach your team to prepare for adversity, you should do the same when it...


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