Basketball Tips: 3 Keys to Blowing Past Your Defender

Dr. Dish Basketball is back at it with 3 great ways to blow past your defender.

Every player is looking and searching for ways to create scoring opportunities for themselves and also teammates. Most players think that they need to have an...

Basketball Drills: Ball-Handling/Wing Scoring Combo with Dr. Dish

Dr. Dish Basketball once again brings you a fresh new drill that players can use to challenge themselves and take their game to the next level!

Basketball Shooting Drills: Pure Sweat 5 Spot Combo Shooting

Dr. Dish Basketball was happy to team up with Pure Sweat Basketball in this week's drill of the week! Much like us, Pure Sweat Basketball continues to take training to the next level and we are excited to take this 5 spot combo shooting drill,...

Basketball Drills: Inside/Outside Partner Workout

Coach Mason here with another great drill of the week! I'm really excited about this one because I had former college player Evan Mattson workout with me. We did a few challenging inside/outside basketball drills that really pushed us hard and I...

Basketball Shooting Drills: Transition Shooting with Dr. Dish

With basketball shooting drills, it's essential that you always go at game speed and push yourself outside your comfort zone to best prepare for game-like conditions. In this shooting drill, we focus on simulating transition offense and having...

Basketball Drills: 30 Minute Partner Workout on Dr. Dish

Coach Mason here again! I'm really excited to breakdown an awesome, fun and time efficient workout. I had my special guest Brittnye McSparron with me and we wanted to get an efficient 30 min workout in on the Dish.

Basketball Drills: How To Dominate The Post

The game of basketball is evolving and the players are the catalyst for it. Basketball has slowly become more of a positionless sport and players are now capable of doing much more than what was even thought possible 20 years ago. This is amazing...

Basketball Shooting Drills: Steph Curry Drills with Coach Collin of Shot Mechanics


Coach Collin Castellaw of Shot Mechanics Basketball stopped by the DishLab to show how you can run drills that train you how shoot off the catch like Steph Curry. 

Curry is great at shooting in transition off of passes that might be too for out...

Basketball Drills: Drill of the Week - Ball Handling and Closeouts


Coach Mason here! I'm thrilled to bring you another great Drill of the Week!

One amazing feature I love about our Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine is the ability to move it away from the basket. This allows me to create new basketball drills...

Basketball Drills: 4 Ways to Improve Rebounding

Imagine 10 seconds remaining on the game clock. Your team is down 2 with the ball. Your point guard comes down and shoots a wild lay-up that misses the mark and you swoop in with 5 seconds remaining and grab the rebound. You pass the ball to your...


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