Dr. Dish New Feature Release: Workout Activity Options Expanded

This week we pushed more new features live in our TMS (Training Management System). Giving you and your players more control and improve ease of use. Check them out below!

The Power of Consistency: 4 Ways to Get Better Faster

Getting out of your Comfort Zone with Basketball Training

The greatest players in the game of basketball understand the importance of hard work and dedication. The athletes that are willing to push their bodies to the limit and get out of their comfort zone are usually the ones that have a competitive...

Basketball Training: Development While Active in Other Sports

Sports in today's world look much different then 10-15 years ago. Training, skill, exposure, time, and motivation are just a few areas in which the game has evolved. One of the toughest questions a player faces is the amount of time they should...

Coach Mason Joins the Pure Sweat Basketball Show

Dr. Dish Basketball Unveils Skill Builder

BLOOMINGTON, MN (2/10/17) – Dr. Dish Basketball has bolstered their reputation as the most complete basketball training solution on the market today by announcing the release of their new product, Skill Builder.

How Dr. Dish Helped Turn One Basketball Trainer's Dream Into a Reality

It's always a treat for us at Dr. Dish Basketball to chat with our customers and find out how their Dr. Dish machines have enhanced their program! I was thrilled to be able to catch up with Coach Phillip Morrison about his recent purchase of Dr....

Basketball Training: Minnesota Lynx Guard, Lindsay Whalen at the #DishLab

Dr. Dish basketball had the pleasure of having 3x WNBA champion and Olympic gold medalist Lindsay Whalen in the #DishLab. Lindsay took some time to talk with us and also laced her shoes up and got in a great workout here at the #DishLab. 

Introducing the "Dish Lab" for Basketball Training

We at Dr. Dish Basketball are extremely excited to unveil the "Dish Lab" at the Dr. Dish Headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota. We're always trying to add value beyond only providing our basketball training equipment. 

The Top 20 Mistakes Made When Basketball Training

When basketball training, you likely know the cliche sayings: Work hard. Push yourself. Love the grind. Etc. Etc. 

Many of these sayings are valid and useful, but too many players don't exactly know how to apply these statements effectively when...


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